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Shakespeare English Technology School boasts a reputation as one of the best English schools in Jacmel, Haiti — and it may even be one of the best schools in the country! Of course, it is understandable if you want to learn more about what you can expect to experience when you trust our team to help you start communicating in English. Below, you can check out what some of our former and current students have to stay about their experience. We are confident that you will like what you discover!

Click on the questions below to find out how our students answered them. (Some testimonials have been slightly edited for clarity.)

Testimonials from Our Students

I'm going to be straightforward. Before I enrolled in Shakespeare School, I didn't know anything about the English language at all, even writing a good sentence and a good essay in English I couldn't do. My interest was only speaking and writing the French language correctly. —Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

I didn't have any problems but I was looking to learn English.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

My problem was I didn't know any English.—Jerry Borton PAUL

Before I attended Shakespeare English technology school, I had a lot of difficulties speaking English, by that time I had some friends they used to speak English whenever they needed to say something so that I could not understand. Thanks to God I went to Shakespeare and at the end of 2 months I was the only English speaker in my zone cuz they didn’t really speak English like I thought.—Josué PIERRE

I didn’t know too much in English and I couldn’t afford attending any institute at that time.—Berthony LAFALAISE
Through my training at Shakespeare English School, I have achieved a lot, at the moment I write these lines I feel very moved. According to people who knew me, they well known I could not pass the official exam Bac 1 in Haiti, thanks to the English training I had at Shakespeare I was ready and able to attend an Online High school in US , and got my High school diploma which allowed me to start my college degree in Haiti, and thanks to this training, I was able to make a lot English speaking friends and impress my spiritual American friends living in the States the way I am speaking it pretty good and especially communicated at home with my black American wife and my mother-in-law. Thanks to my English level I came to quickly understand American culture which is extremely hard for somebody who just got there and was able to find decent jobs and meet people every day in my hustling Freelance jobs. —Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

It's an amazing institution, I've learned all the basics, anything that I needed to become a good speaker and as I left the country to go to the US I didn't have much things to worry about.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

I learned very well with a great teacher who teaches above average.—Jerry Borton PAUL

The results that I’ve found attending Shakespeare. Firstly, at the end of 4 months I was able to understand and to speak with natives speaker without any problem even though it was just the beginning of my learning process. Secondly, in my neighborhood I had respect just for speaking English. Imagine!—Josué PIERRE

I have acquired a lot of skills (reading, listening and speaking) in an astonishingly reduced time. Thanks to this training.—Berthony LAFALAISE
I always wondered why I didn’t attend Shakespeare as soon as possible, instead I was thinking why Shakespeare didn't exist earlier so I would never invest my money in learning French at another school, which cost my mother a lot of money, and the worst thing spending all this time preparing for the DELF / DALF exams could not stop my two refusals at the French Embassy in Haiti after having two scholarships at a university. Shakespeare has contributed a lot in my life and guest what? This Professional English school is the first English school I enrolled and attended in Haiti, after this beautiful learning experience I didn’t go to anything else because this high-end school illed my gaps and my language needs.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

I was too young.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

I didn't know about it, and I was very young.—Jerry Borton PAUL

Because money I couldn’t attend Shakespeare a bit sooner even though the price wasn’t high, but I still couldn’t afford paying it but after one year I decided to attend the school without knowing if I would be able to pay and everything went well with the help of the founder of the school.—Josué PIERRE

Nothing special—Berthony LAFALAISE
What I liked the most during my learning experience at Shakespeare was the care they devoted in sharing the teaching materials at the classroom, the true love, and especially the debate on hot topics and different classical music. Thanks to Shakespeare I have learned many English songs and understood the messages delivered by these musics.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

Being able to be taught by a native American for a while, it certainly brought my confidence up.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

The great contents, the way I was taught, and the teacher.—Jerry Borton PAUL

What I liked the most about Shakespeare English technology school was that we had some natives teacher also and also the audiovisual program. —Josué PIERRE

The methods used were really efficient, innovative, the contents taught were practical, the speaking club really contributed to the student’s progress and the staff was so dynamic.—Berthony LAFALAISE
If anyone is still in doubt about signing up for Shakespeare, I would say today is the very moment because the Bible says whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might. Previously we weren't giving much importance to online learning now time proves how important online training is during Covid-19. Who knows one day this school wouldn't be totally online? Even though now traditional classroom training is possible, it is important to take it very seriously. We don't know the future!—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

I would recommend Shakespeare because they teach you what you need to know, make you practice to get better day by day and the environment is not stressful, they make it super fun.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

Because it's a great school where you learn by doing, you get to practice or interact with your peers, listening sessions and you learn songs as well especially the teacher is an artist himself.—Jerry Borton PAUL

To someone who might be on the fence, I would recommend Shakespeare English technology school because as its motto says LEARNING BY DOING,that’s true you’ll be learning by doing the things that’s the way it is there.—Josué PIERRE

Because when I knew Shakespeare, the method used to teach students was pretty much like the one anyone use to learn his mother tongue. At first they do not focus on grammar rule, but they have you learn well structured, meaningful and useful sentences or expressions. Through them not only do you start expressing yourself, but at the same time and unperceptively they start instill in your mind some grammar patterns. This is the best method to learn a new language and for this I will always recommend Shakespeare.—Berthony LAFALAISE
The only thing that could keep me from choosing Shakespeare School was a physical location and a team of teachers. It is possible since past 10 years to get the Shakespeare training in a well-equipped classroom and well-trained teachers who are there to facilitate learning. Now I have no fear because the future of this school is certain.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

I didn't have any concerns, I just wanted to learn English and I had families and friends that went there so I trusted them.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

I was scared I wasn't gonna be able to afford it, but I was granted a half scholarship.—Jerry Borton PAUL

My main concern that would have prevented me from attending Shakespeare was money as I mentioned already .—Josué PIERRE

The fact that at this time they first started, they didn’t really have a lot of credit and great achievements. I could tend to be reluctant or even not fully trust them. But the fact some of the teachers were students from this very institute reassured me and gave me confidence that Shakespeare can take me to that level too, and it did!—Berthony LAFALAISE
If I would recommend this school to my friends, I would tell them what keeps you from learning business like English in a modern school like Shakespeare? If it's the registration fee, that's okay they can waived that for you partially or completely depending of your income situation and your current financial hardship. After everything else is entirely up to you, the most important thing is the sacrifice. Sacrifice to do something that will be very useful to you, something fascinating!—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

If you want to learn good English and maybe go abroad someday, this is the best school that I would recommend.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

Hey my friend, you should check this school out. They teach us English better than most of the institutes I know, and their teaching methods are standard.—Jerry Borton PAUL

If I were to recommend Shakespeare to my best friend, I would let him know that Shakespeare is second to none in the town, this is the only place where you can have a quick learning process and besides the classes are audiovisuals. —Josué PIERRE

I always tell any friend who asks: “If you want to learn good grammar first and have very precise pronunciation, attend so and so institute. But If you want to get by quickly, to learn how to keep conversation rapidly and naturally the Shakespeare I knew is by far the number one.” —Berthony LAFALAISE
What helped me to choose the Shakespeare school among these many schools by if and by that is the passion they dedicate in what they’re doing which I called CAN-DO-ATTITUDE, and the originality, the strength of youth and especially the honesty that they have. It is for this reason that I made this special choice.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

My auntie went there, I liked how she talked about it and they came to my school and gave some scholarship so I took advantage of that.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

It's not that I chose it since I was granted a half scholarship from my high school to go there. I took advantage and I feel like that was my best decision ever.—Jerry Borton PAUL

The reason I chose Shakespeare over any schools is that as you might know Learning is best done by setting specific goals that are challenging yet achievable. And Shakespeare will help you setting these goals. —Josué PIERRE

I had limited means; I couldn’t afford attendind any English schools at all. But the fonder offered me the possibility to attend and pay as much as I could. —Berthony LAFALAISE
The three benefits that I experienced while being at Shakespeare School are: The practical ability that I had to speak this foreign language , then the knowledge that I have got about Anglo-American culture by having different foreigners who came to teach us during the lessons a few times and finally the international certificate that I obtained finally.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

1- They teach you the science of the language 2- They put a lot of emphasis on Listening Skills, it's the hardest part the language 3- Having fun while learning—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

My grammar, my listening skills, and my pronunciation was great.—Jerry Borton PAUL

Three benefits that I’ve experienced as a result of attending Shakespeare are first of all the teacher didn’t harass you for money. Second of all, I had the chance to practice with Americans and at last Shakespeare is a freebie everyone can afford it.—Josué PIERRE

My life was focused on the French Metropolis, the Overseas Departments (DOM), and French-speaking countries. After I had my balance by pointing my mind to the international market, without this market you cannot find a good job, do business and trade. Honestly, I got a job at Caracol industrial park in North Haiti with a South Korean company, if I didn't speak English they would never give me this job. Professionally, life is better for me after being at Shakespeare.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

Life was good and I was new to English and had the passion to take it to the next level.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

I used to like Spanish better so I didn't really think about learning English.—Jerry Borton PAUL

Before I started with Shakespeare my life was not miserable but I had something missing because my friends used to speak English so that I could not understand and it was bothersome.—Josué PIERRE

At the moment the Americans respect me because I speak three languages which makes me become a trilingual, so it is linguistic respect when someone speaks several languages Of course Life is not pink and white when you speak English because English and its way of thinking is very different from other languages. In financial way, English has helped me a lot in my professional career.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

Life is great, I didn't have too much struggle with English when I move to America, they gave me a great foundation.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

I have learned a lot of stuff and I'm a fluent English speaker.—Jerry Borton PAUL

Now that I’ve experienced learning English with Shakespeare everything is different, thanks to what I’ve learned right now I’m working while studying in the Dominican Republic (in call centers). —Josué PIERRE

English has opened so many doors in my life and I’ll always be grateful to Shakespeare where I made my English debut. For instance, in succeeded an English level four test for a position at the US embassy in Haiti. I made it to the interview in front of a four English native speakers panel and I was congratulated for my English. Shakespeare has majorly contributed to those accomplishments.—Berthony LAFALAISE
Learning English is already a surprise for my life, speaking English is something else it has added a lot of taste in my life, it is a pleasant thing to listen to beautiful music in English and you understand what is going on to say, it's a beautiful emotion to speak with a girl who speaks English and it sounds good when she tells you she likes your accent It's a very nice experience to be at the airport, only one language who can help you is English because the main language of international travel is English and there is a good chance of finding people inside the airport who speak it. Also it’s a great feeling when you want to an interview in English and successfully passed it. I feel great when I can order my food in English , order and purchase my items online in English, reading a commercial invoice in English. In short, this language is becoming very useful in my life now.—Pierre Cheelton SAINT-JACQUES

The teacher taught us with passion, and the friends I met there made the experience amazing, learning English there was one of the most fun things I've done in my life.—Jeff Bertiny PAUL

The teaching method, and I really liked how the syllabus was planned.—Jerry Borton PAUL

The surprised that made me the happiest about learning English with Shakespeare is that, every time I’m having a conversation with a native, they keep telling me I have a great tone of voice , they like my accent and so.—Josué PIERRE

When I attended, I never thought I could be among the teacher staff. I loved that!—Berthony LAFALAISE